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There's a mystery there, a clue, a nut, a bolt, and if I put it together, I find me.
                                        - Maurice Sendak

These works blur the definition of narrative all together through methodical distortion, layering, and reinterpretation of archetypes within Sendak's pop-up book, Mommy?.
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Find Me
Coloring books emerged in the United States as part of a process to democratize art. Regardless of students' background, educators concluded that they could benefit from art education as a means of enhancing their understanding of the tangible as well as developing their cognitive abilities - improving skills beneficial to their growth into respectable Americans. Within the boundaries of these books, the concept of normative family behavior is conveyed to generations of youth.

Emulating the coloring book structure, The Way We Never Were investigates the emotional, relational, and mnemonic aspects of the American familial ideal. Through a controlled perversion of these seemingly safe environments, the viewer is invited to question the intent behind an ideal American existence.
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Grandfather Resting
Match the Pictures
What's the Difference
Tiny Bubbles
Little Boxes
Old Fashion Honeymoon
Grandma's Secret Recipe
From the daily shopping receipts to an official marriage certificate, our lives are dominated by and revealed through our paper trails. These humble forms of documentation provide insight into its owner's personal habits and life choices.

Rendering and replicating the traces of my family members' written records exposes a moment, a movement, or an event that shapes a semi-autobiographical challenge to the notion of who I am, who we all are, progressing the discourse of what it means to live within or outside of arbitrary social boundaries.
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Biographical Details . Ocupational Records
Marriage License Clearance Sale Sketch
St. Anne Report Card McGriffin Payroll Service
Honorable Discharge The Drawing Show
Certificate of Baptism American Greeting Corporation
Reception for Newlyweds Whimsical Renderings
. .
Daily Documents Personal and Private Letters
Hollywood Video Again, lots of love, Mom
Liquor Store Receipts I am sadden to send this.
Reminder Post-It Hey Kid
Traffic Ticket Call ME, xo
Phone Memo
Hydrocodone Prescription
Walmart Receipt
Hawaiian Airlines Ticket